Inquso AB develops and markets the product Secure Phone.
Secure Phone is an advanced solution for mobile device management and security, targeted at organisations that want to benefit from the advantages of mobility without having to compromise when it comes to security. Inquso is a pioneer in the area of SMS-based services and security solutions.

Secure Phone is sold through partners. Our partners have strong competencies in network infrastructure, security, mobile technologies and system integration.

The Inquso management team has experience from the IT and telecom industry and are experts in developing device management solutions.

Our customers are active in various industries.

Inquso has a patent registered for the Swedish market.

Our Vision

Inquso want to be seen as the company that simplifies the employees’ usage of smartphones
and tablets and that they can feel safe in their wireless communication.

Our Mission

Inquso develops and sells a cost reducing and user friendly mobile device management-system
mainly targeted towards small and medium sized companies in co-operation with strategic

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